Dating dealbreakers article

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Dating dealbreakers article

But the first time you visit each other’s home can reveal some major surprises: an accent wall in a hideous color, a sofa overflowing with tacky throw pillows, or some truly terrible artwork.

Or maybe it’s the strange smell, your date’s parents waiting in the wings, or the pet mouse running on its wheel that makes you want to flee. We asked over 2,000 people to ’fess up about the biggest dating deal breakers in the home.

A deal breaker for nearly a quarter of respondents, the top decorating-related pet peeve is damaged upholstery.

Ugly artwork, dimly lit homes, and inadequate storage are also undesirable.

If you really click with someone, it’s clear that having a clean, stylish, and well-organized home can help your relationship flourish.As for relationships, when you meet the right person, you’ll know it – and your roommate, sink full of dishes, or pet hamster probably won’t change their mind.Publishers and bloggers are invited to use and share the images on this page.The biggest dating deal breakers center on privacy: For nearly half of respondents, living with the ’rents is a major dating no-no – bad news for the 32 percent of young adults who are currently crashing with the folks.Nearly one-third say a person who lives in a college dorm doesn’t make the grade, while more than 14 percent say a roommate reduces dateability. Fewer than 9 percent of people will ditch you due to Mr.

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Like women, men’s desire to swap out furniture, dishes, and artwork increases with income level – with one notable exception: Those in the lowest income bracket are among the most apt to switch things up.