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It's like a magnet that you can get away from him and that you want to see more of him. i'm sooo in love with u oppa, there are millions actors but u're the most talented of them all. knew him for the first time at doctor's stranger but he didn't get much scenes, just felt that thia guy is so tall and cold :). First saw him in My Love from the Star but since KSH is the lead, I haven't really had a connection with him but I fell in love with him in Cheese in the Trap. I searched all of your movies and i found out that you are a great; awesome,cute, lovely,hot, and the best actor! You're so amazzzzz ZZiiiiiiiinnnggg Thanks a lot coz u make me laugh, cry, and smiler He's currently doing great in his ongoing drama Man to Man in JTBC..playing a slightly comedic but a very smart and incredible role as Ghost Agent K suits him well.. I like all your expressions and you look breathtakingly gorgeous... god must be hearing my prayer ; v ; love his characters so much, every character is so well built and to add up, he's super handsome ; v ; in man to man, i hope there wont be a romance line, it just feel so out of the plot tho ; v ; You are good in action with love story drama... always remember your acting was the best in cheese in the trap and that drama should be must given and deserves the Grammys! Right after his first series of Famous Chill Princesses, he took the main lead in Heaven and Earth and Hot Blood. I never like korean actor before as much as I do to you. From Indonesian fan in Japan He's 33, why hasn't he been the lead character until Cheese in the Trap?

I fell in love with him in his drama Cheese in the Trap with Kim Go Eun and Seven first kisses.. :) Man to man, Cheese in the Trap, Bad Guys, Hot Blood, My Love From the Star, Doctor Stranger etc.. But please choose a better leading actress for that drama like Park Shin Hye, Jun Ji Hyun, Yoo In Na or Kang Sora. Oppa keep it up with your work but also take good care of your health. Man X Man.kind of facial expression you have is so is gathered/gaining attention to the viewers .. I don't really like the female character, but anyway I will support you and this film! And,, Happy Birthday, luv yaa Please do not fall in love whit that manager girl in MAN TO MAN! If you do that the whole great role of you will stuck in s--t. K is like Korean Sherlock Holmes Dude, after seeing you in Bad Guys, I thought you shld play psycho roles more hahaha! I've taken a break from watching Kdramas 'coz none are peaking my interest but so glad to see several ones that are my style coming out ie lots of action. There was time he nearly disappeared in Korea's screen, but he did succeed in gaining fame in China, and was the main lead in most of his dramas there. I will say, I love that he won't just pick up any drama, but chooses them wisely.

he brought Yoo Jung from drama Cheese in The Trap to the real life. Started fargirling him after watching him starring in Doctor Stranger omg he's so hot in that drama i just wish he had more scene with Kang Sora, the made a good couple T. i don't know why but, i'm really falling in love with your character in your new Drama! i want to say that you have a lot of fans here in MIDDLE EAST, wish to you all the best ❤️ OMG Cheese in the trap is out and he is fu**ng amazing. Nearly losing my hope after suzy was offered as the lead. I really wish I could see him in a lead role and see him more often- he is just so handsome and talented! You are really a great actor :) First saw you on 'My love from the Star' and bang! Love your character on your series 'BAD GUYS' (please avoid being stab. I hope to see him play a leading role one day, and maybe even a historical drama.

I first saw him first time in doctor stranger's cool doctor and I think he is awsome, then I want watch other works too. I like them has a god looking style and handsome manly face, I like his trying different type to choosing all roles. I wanna watching him in good working movies some day So much adored by Park Hae Jin acting skill! n i become a fanatic fans of this drama also because of you.. fighting oppa,, i wish you more gentle, humble, healthy n wealthy too Ps: i miss you so much in variety show in korea like family outing before.. Im not hating but an idol should stay as and idol instead of destroying my dramas! All Korean Drama Production Teams,would you please pay attention this message! Ah, I first fell iin love with him in east of Eden. I really admire this actor ever since Chil princesses.

Moreover he has a giod looking style and handsome face, and soo tall and also soo kind anf warm hearted person. Keep mobing forward and always be the best qualified actors. you're such a great actor,, I almost watched all of your drama series,, bad guys was my favorite and i hoped there will be a second season to see you again in that role,, in cheese in the trap you were a sweetheart and I really loved your acting and your smile x D,, look forward to watch your next drama,, good luck ^^ you'ra so charismatic, cool and your smile was killing me.. please be a guest for one of them like runningman or 2day1night or else.. ^__^ I would like to see Park Hae Jin and Choi Yoon Young to pair up (lead roll) as a couple again in their new drama or new project please. Haha anyway this guy truly is damn good in acting especially in East Of Eden & shockingly to me in Bad Guys... He has such a youthful face but his ability to express himself is that of someone from a much older generation.

meantime take a good rest before you start another one! am now watching your old drama & just finished Famous Princesses & you were so sweet as Hana! Park Hae Jin and Kim Go Eun really good acting together. and I really do hope that Park Hae Jin can act as a cook in his coming drama since he cooks so well in Family Outing ? I hope that the movie and your next drama four sons will be both a hit. I went on the internet to see the list of all the movie that you've played in.

you're a great role model and we hope you'll stay as sweet as you are! So I Just finished watching Bad Guy's it was so much action I love it. i'm watching you now in seo yong my daughter & i really think your acting as sangju shld've won you an award! i simply like your acting in all three dramas that i hv watch sooo far...

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Neither of them even have time to meet personally as their schedules are too busy.